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TKF 006 BaGua Cornerstones

BaGua Cornerstones

BaGua as a Meditative Art First, Martial Art Second

TKF 002 Beach Retreat 2014 Podcast

Tai Chi Beach Retreat
Changing your environment, even for a weekend can...

Curriculum of Chinese Martial Art

chinese martial art kungfu curriculum

Chinese Martial Art Curriculums

Often we are asked about an Overview of...

Ba Gua Introductory Workshop | Raleigh NC

Introduction Ba Gua (Pa Qua)Workshop July 26, 2014

Ba Gua is an art that you may enjoy studying. Often referred to as the Elder Sister to Tai Chi....

Opening the Joints and Meridians with Ba Gua

bagau chikung

Ba Gua Stretching and Opening Joints

Ba Gua opens the pathways...

Tai Chi - Pa Qua Practice at the Park

Each Saturday and often visited during the week we practice at a park less than a mile from the kwoon (school). Often it is a great afternoon lunch break area,...

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